You Have Sh*tty Dreams

When I was first dating Lover Fo’ Life, a mutual acquaintance of ours was going on and on about her dream car being a new Volkswagen Beetle. Did I mention this broad was a grade A windbag? She described her DREAM … Continue reading

Invasion of the Alien Cannibal Killer Shrimp

Coming soon, to a gulf near you it’s the Alien Cannibal Killer GIANT Shrimp! The Asian Tiger Shrimp AKA star of my culinary fantasies, are INVADING the US!!! Fishermen and Shrimpers are pulling them out of the gulf of Mexico at an alarming … Continue reading

Hug A Machine, Get Free Coke (The Jokes Write Themselves)

You’ll have to forgive me for my late post today, I was out saving the world. Well, maybe that’s a little overkill. The best part about being a writer is I work from home. Not only do I get to … Continue reading

Extreme Yawn: Lindsay to whip out her cans for Playboy.

Poor Hugh Hefner, bless his senile heart. Seems Hef and his magazine, Playboy have offered Lindsay Lohan a little under 1 million to shuck her clothes and show the world what we don’t wanna see her birthday suit. Of course because Playboy and … Continue reading