Thanksgiving 2013: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Greetings, my dear friends. Today is perhaps one of the biggest nutkicks in the calendar year. See, it’s the Monday after the long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, and with the start of the Christmas Season, it seems everyone is dreaming of … Continue reading

Decapitated Copperhead Snake Bites Itself (Kill it With Fire)

I hate snakes. Cold-blooded and creepy, the slithering demons are the stuff of my nightmares. Chances are, you hate them too. My hatred for snakes is such that I will not watch a show featuring them, nor will I look … Continue reading

Bullet Train to HECK Thanksgiving Edition: I’m hittin’ the trail buckaroos!

Howdy Padnahs, Happy Tues-the Extreme Day! I’m putting on my dungarees and loading up White Lightning this morning. Lover fo Life, Angry Baby, El Rey and yours truly are hitting the dusty roads and going up to the family compound, … Continue reading

Shoe Training 2011: You weep what you shoe.

What in the heck was I thinking!? I have really gone and screwed up royally. MASSIVELY, HUGELY! Allow me to explain… Before today, Angry Baby has been in shoes exactly 5 times in her life. There is only one thing … Continue reading

“BULLET TRAIN TO HECK” Fall 2011 Edition: Who Farted?

At approximately 4:30am Saturday morning, Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby, yours truly, my sister and her fiancée(!) pulled out of our driveway, the SUV filled to the gills with baby gear, weddin’ outfits, road snax and 4 grown adults. As the truck … Continue reading

Clearly, I’m insane.

You know the best thing about getting a window into the world of living with an Angry Baby? When the spit hits the fan, you’re far away from the action. It’s gonna be one of those weekends you’ll be SOOOOOO GLAD you’re … Continue reading