The FIRST Simpsons Lego Set Has Been Leaked (Gimmie Gimmie, I NEED!)

Way back in August, Lego confirmed that they were doing a licensed series of sets based on cultural touchstone, The Simpsons. Lego and Simpsons geeks of the world, like myself, rejoiced. Well, this weekend, a Lego fansite got their hands … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: 5 Things That Drive Me Mad

   Five things that drive Mad Dad … MAD! Comes a point in a man’s life, if he’s lucky to procreate, when every little thing drives him bananas.   In correct George Costanza fashion, I think I reached this pinnacle … Continue reading

Eggs Too Awesome To Hide

Chances are a crap load of you are dyeing easter eggs today. Why? Because the Easter bunny is a cheap a-hole. What kind of childhood magical figure shows up at your house and requires you provide your own hardboiled eggs? This bush-league … Continue reading

LEGO my Sanity…TEEF TERROR 2011 DAY 1

There isn’t enough I can say about how awesome LEGOS are. Sure, If you are a parent with LEGO-aged children, they are little bits of death to the soles of your barefeet on a saturday afternoon (at least that’s what they … Continue reading