Ghost Host Guest Post by Movie Dude: Lee Greenwood…the Music Video

  So I was reading the Crib Keeper’s post on Mr. Greenwood yesterday and I decided to saunter over to youtube and see if there was actually a video made.  I don’t mean a slideshow of your sunburned family with … Continue reading

America is looking to you, Lee Greenwood!

Many of you might not know this, but’s FIRST POST EVER was about Lee Greenwood! Today we’re giving a shout out to 1984’s  premiere patriotic singer/songwriter himself, Lee Greenwood!!!!! Writer of God Bless the USA (proud to be an American.) Every … Continue reading


GROUCHYMUFFIN.COM Just hit our FIRST 1000 views!! One week into this and Ihaventevenreallypublicizeditjustyet THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for your articles, pictures, tips, and MOST importantly: THANK YOU FOR WASTING PRECIOUS TIME WITH us! Since you seem … Continue reading