The Most Exquisite Thing You Will See All Day

Greetings fellow time-wasters! It’s tues-the-extreme day and your old pal has been in the throes of ANGRY BABY EAR INFECTION FUN TIME Fall 2011 Edition aka EXTREME HECK! Don’t worry my darling vultures, I’ll tell you all about it later … Continue reading

Shark Week 2011 aka THE GREATEST WEEK EVER.

For over 20 years, Shark Week has been rocking our faces off with incredible footage, awesome tales and killer voiceovers. SHARK WEEK IS THE GREATEST EVENT ON TELEVISION. Every year. Shark Week 2011 kicks off July 31st. I’m chompin’ at … Continue reading

Weird Al’s new Video. Alternate title: Nancy Grace should dress like Lady Gaga more often

Weird Al Yankovich is a childhood idol of mine, and he SHOULD be, he single-handedly made accordions cool in pop-music. And hats off to him for still being relevant today. That being said, I NEED THERAPY after seeing this creep fest. … Continue reading

WE DID IT DWEEBS! We made it to the weekend!

Grab your Magic the gathering cards, get your Broadswords ready, pack your fanny pack and start moonwalking out the door! It’s the weekend y’all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (unless for you it’s not) A 3 DAY WEEKEND AT THAT!!!! (unless for you it’s not) So Let’s … Continue reading