Enjoy a Steaming Cup of Adorable

My weekend began awash in toddler vomit and ended with me hate-watching The “Celebrity” Apprentice. Lover fo’ Life spent the majority of the weekend burrowed under the covers stewing in his own sick sweat, po’ baby. To say Monday is a welcome change from the … Continue reading

Kitten Really (Really, Really!) Loves Milk

Well crap. Here we are again, bleary-eyed and sleep deprived, cursing the beginning of another workweek. But don’t worry kiddies, I’ve got a veddy special treat for you this not-so-fine Monday morning. The following is a video of a little … Continue reading

This Makes Me Want a Pair of Crocs

I have to go purchase some Crocs. When I scraped myself from the bedsheets this morning, the last thing in this wretched world I expected was this. But here I am, ready to strap on a pair of the monstrosities. You see, … Continue reading

Better living through Botany.

HAY YOU TINY ADORABLE MELON, GET IN MAH MOUTH!!!! Meet the Pepquino: The fine folks at Marx foods, a completely un-ironic name for a group of food engineers, explain what they are: “Despite the fact that they look like the … Continue reading