Signs Of The End Times: Birkenstocks Are BACK

  You’ll have to forgive me, I’m still half hung over and in a meat coma from yesterday’s “girls night out.” See, I had the brilliant idea to book us a table at my favorite Brazilian Steakhouse and my best … Continue reading

Decapitated Copperhead Snake Bites Itself (Kill it With Fire)

I hate snakes. Cold-blooded and creepy, the slithering demons are the stuff of my nightmares. Chances are, you hate them too. My hatred for snakes is such that I will not watch a show featuring them, nor will I look … Continue reading

The Powerpuff Girls are Back, And Their New Look Will Enrage You

  I’m not going to lie to you, dear reader: I feel like total dog buns today. I’s sick, y’all! Yours truly¬†coughed, hacked and snotted the entire night. For countless hours, I marinated in my¬†own “sick sweat.” Needless to say, … Continue reading