Congratulations to Me.

It’s no secret that I have a healthy sense of self-worth. As a raving narcissist and budding supervillain, possessing high self-esteem is requisite. One of my many endearing qualities, other than being so full of myself that I started a website, is my endless … Continue reading

This Post Will Make You Smile (or Wince)

Last Night the Universe was righted just a little. Someone gave Kim Kardashian a shower of flour. Seems the high priestess of pimpin’ crappy products was out shilling her newest fragrance, Eau de Jock Rot True Reflection, when a random … Continue reading

I’m with Stupid

My brother-in-law Thane-o is a “real card.” You remember that phrase, don’t you? It’s used mostly by the elderly and people at Mad Men themed parties. When someone utters the term, “a real card,”  it’s usually to describe someone who has a joy buzzer and squirting … Continue reading