Karen Walker, Motivational Speaker

With her luscious brunette locks, penchant for guzzling gin, and razor sharp wit, it’s no surprise that Karen Walker from tv’s Will & Grace, is my spirit animal. For those of you too busy at church to know who she is, … Continue reading

Ronald McDonald Got A Makeover, Y’all

Ah McDonald’s! If they aren’t tempting you with their various fried frankenfood, they most assuredly are creeping you out with their mascot, the red-haired and magnanimous, Ronald McDonald. In 1964, the great Willard Scott first donned the make-up and became … Continue reading

Rich B*tch Tells Rescuers to Shove Off, Hires Private Helicopter

As I’ve told you before, I live in Texas…Katy TX, to be exact. My town is a bustling suburb of Houston with more money and rich a-holes than it knows what to do with. Often I find myself giving side-eyes … Continue reading

Extreme Foolery

This morning, I saw a commercial for a product so ridiculous, I thought it was a fake Saturday Night Live commercial…I need you to watch this, you’ll immediately see what I’m talking about. Attention Bailey’s and Makers of Bailey’s non-alcoholic … Continue reading