Tasteful Valentine’s Jewelry Perfect For A Class Act Like You

Folks we’re a little over one week away from VD. Valentine’s Day is approaching quickly, and there’s no better way to guilt your lover into boning you for the first time since Christmas show your love, than by giving your … Continue reading

This Should End Well…

Clive Palmer is a nutjob, but he’s a paid nutjob. Mr. Palmer is worth billions. In addition to being the world’s sexiest Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon, you may remember Clive from the news earlier this year when he announced that he’s currently building … Continue reading

A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad.

  On A Very Special Episode of Mad Dad… I picked up my four-year-old daughter, Gwen, from daycare with a very special surprise. “I got us a movie to watch!” “What is it?” “It has dinosaurs!” “Oooooooo.” An hour later, … Continue reading