Fred Durst to get a sitcom = the apocalypse jokes, they write themselves.

CBS, in addition to being run by “Mr. Julie Chen,” aka Les Moonves, it is the home to a coupla staples at Angry Baby Manor, classic television such as The Big Bang Theory, and the summer schlock-fest that I can’t tear … Continue reading

The Power of Bill Gates Compells You.

HAY YOU! I see you, sitting there like a bump on a pickle while you attempt to fashion a good enough excuse to get out of those things you have to do today and slink back into bed. WELL IT’S NOT HAPPENING! … Continue reading

Later Bro!

Last night was the Big Brother finale. You might have noticed, but I stopped posting a weekly update/ snark shooting gallery. Why? Because was just too easy. While this season pretty much sucked, it did provide some manufactured twists and turns. … Continue reading

Big Brother (The Reality Show, Not a reference to the Classic Novel, 1984.)

Good Morning Starshine! I’m going to annoy and or alienate several of you right off the bat this fine FRIDAY morning, by writing about the CBS Reality Television show, Big Brother. My apologies on this post being of no interest to … Continue reading