Taco Bell’s New Breakfast Offerings Are For the Discriminating Stoner

Last week, I had a bevy of beautiful readers and friends share the “Taco Bell Waffle Taco,” news with me. Sadly, I’d heard rumblings of the new “breakfast taco,” for months and the news simply confirmed my worst fears. For … Continue reading

This is Delicious and Will Ruin Your Pockets

Williams Sonoma is a high-end kitchen ware and purveyor of fine cooking supplies. It’s the place where you can purchase 20.00 hot chocolate mix and the 20.00 hot chocolate mug to accompany it. Tons of fancy lads and rich ladies lurve … Continue reading

Breaking News!* Paula Deen Has the ‘Betes!

Put down those sticks of butter and stop the mainline of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, I’m going to need your FULL attention for this one…PAULA DEEN IS ABOUT TO ANNOUNCE SHE has DIABETES! OH NO, Y’ALL!!!!!!! With the saddening news, Paula can … Continue reading

FINALLY!!! For the alcoholic kindergartner in all of us.

Look alive everyone! It’s the dead middle of the afternoon and it’s TUES-the-Extreme day, so no lollygagging. Oh who am I kidding, the “ghetto Big Mac” I had for lunch is making me a ZOMBIE MOMBIE. HAY CRIB KEEPER! WHAT’S A … Continue reading

I’m down with Ina G.

 As a self-proclaimed narcissist, I enjoy self-braggery, self-worship, self-congratulations, and of course, all gestures of bravado. Simply said: I love fellow jerks that are full o’ themselves! For those of you too selfless to know this, Ina Garten is the greatest … Continue reading