Here’s Some FINE ART to Class Up This Dump!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme day, my beautiful and precious reader. Today is the weekly holiday at grouchymuffin where we devote time to LIVING IN THE EXTREME! And this fine day I have some EXTREME CULTURE AND CLASS lined up for y’all. Artist … Continue reading

Los Angeles Art Gallery About to Kick the Louvre in its Grapes

June 29th an exhibit opens at Gallery 1988  that is so incredible, it makes a sunset look like dog turds. The title of the Art Exhibition is: “There’s Always Money In the Banana Stand,” Gallery 1988’s  Tribute to Arrested Development Today the gallery released … Continue reading

Finally! A Coloring Book You Can Relate To!

Kids. Anyway you slice it, they get to have all the fun in life. Lucky little jerks. Thankfully, the side-splitting and slightly depressing product of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen’s biting wit and kickbutt illustrations, launched a little over 2 … Continue reading

Extremely Awesome! alternate title: Take Down all that crap at the Louvre, HERE’S ART!

There are few things you must know about me, a tiny list of MUST KNOWS, that without knowing, you would completely miss who I am as a PERSON. TO MY CORE. I am a Villain. On the playground of life, … Continue reading