The “Foot Massage”

Lover Fo Life and I have known each other for essentially half of our lives at this point. In the years since we became Perma-BFFs, we’ve managed to get into some wacky hi-jinx, it almost seems like there is an eternal … Continue reading

Serial Pooper Attacks Swedish Toilets

If there’s one thing this site is known for, it’s BEING CLASSY. 9 times out of 10, you’ll find me pinky up expounding upon distinguished subjects such as: fart jokes, giving sexy leers directed towards various knockouts, and nutshots. It’s in the refined … Continue reading

12 WTF Signs That Actually Exist (And Bring the LOLZ)

Signs. Where would we be today without them? Less bossed around, that’s for sure. Let’s take a look at twelve examples of modern signery that prove we’re all pretty much doomed.   First up, it’s the sign you were begging to read outside … Continue reading

Angry Year in review: 3 Steps to Conquering Baby Gear.

Those who aren’t parents have little knowledge of baby gear. And you need to thank your lucky stars for that very reason. If you were to ask what the most traumatic thing about the whole pregnancy process, without a doubt … Continue reading