It’s My Birthday and I’ll Post if I want to…

Today is my birthday. Lover fo’ Life took the day off to celebrate, so this morning I had the rare and incredible luxury of sleeping in. I have a hair appointment at 10am, a pedicure and manicure scheduled at 3:30, then we drop Angry … Continue reading

Ben and Jerry’s is publicly wooing me.

Last month, ice creamers Ben and Jerry unveiled the flavor, Schweddy Balls, inspired by the famous Alec Baldwin SNL Skit. I wrote all about it here. And now? Well, it’s becoming clear to me that Ben and Jerry want to make me a diabetic life … Continue reading

Dudes: this video will instantly turn you fancy. Ladies: You’re Welcome.

Oooo-Eeeeeee It’s hot as blue blazes out there! For those of you living under a rock, it’s hot in Texas, Y’all. This weekend It’s forecast to be 108 Degrees without the oppressive humidity factored in. I’m telling you what people, Lover … Continue reading

Microblog within a Blog: Jojo and Baby on the Gogo!

Talk about starting the day on an adorable note, it’s time for the MICROBLOG WITHIN A BLOG!!! Here’s the latest installment of Jojo on the Gogo!!! Jojo and Baby on the Gogo microblog about a trip far away from the scorching … Continue reading