Your New Best Friend Got On A Plane Yesterday

Yesterday evening, Daniela Velez-Reyes was escorted screaming off of an American Airlines flight from Miami and headed for Chi-Town.   Our new bestie allegedly punched a fellow passenger and required restraining, as she was being held down, Daniela kissed (and then punched) a flight … Continue reading

4th Grade Teacher Drunk For Field Trip to the Bowling Alley (Alternate Title: Who Can Blame Her?)

  Ah Summer! The weather heats up, skanks start wearing bikini tops in lieu of the more understated tube top, and of course, school’s out. It’s a known fact that every teacher in America with a Facebook account is on … Continue reading

Celebrities Are Just Like Us, The Reese Witherspoon Edition

You’ll have to forgive me, all these years I’ve not been giving Reese Witherspoon her due.  Thanks to adorable film roles and knockout red carpet moments, I just assumed I would have stolen Reese’s lunch money if we were in high … Continue reading