Chocolate Covered Twinkies: Hostess To Bring Back Chocodiles

Back in 2012, snack food stalwart Hostess went belly up, and all of their delights temporarily left grocery shelves. Twinkie Crisis ’12 was thoroughly chronicled on this very site. Mercifully, the Hostess brand was purchased and a few months later their iconic treats were … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Snack On, Twinkies are Coming Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year was a dark time for snack cakes. Hostess, the go to brand for shame-eaters and drunks, went belly up. Twinkie the Kid, King Ding Dong and crew were tossed out into the cold made to sell their cream-filled … Continue reading

That Slut Little Debbie is Licking Her Greedy Chops

Once upon a time, January of this year to be exact, a devastatingly beautiful and hilarious writer wrote a frantic plea for an American Icon, Hostess Brand Snack cakes . In her genius piece, the writer begged readers to buy every … Continue reading

Hostess is Crumbling

Sound the sirens, engage your emergency worst case scenario plan, grab your bug-out bag and go to your fall out shelter, it’s the end times. America, I have some horrible news that you’re going to shame eat a box of Twinkies over … Continue reading

EXTREME CRISIS! Alternate title: CONSUME TWINKIES, you Ding Dongs!

I wish I had a better note to start off your Tues-the-Extreme Day on, but there’s a business and financial crisis that we must devote our entire focus and energy on fixing. Hostess, the snack cake brand that houses hilariously … Continue reading