Nowhere to Go But Up

Well, well, well, America, look what you did ya little jerk. After years of enduring internet flame wars, a 24-hour news cycle, and the cancer that is social media, our country is now in a fight for her identity. Y’all, IDGAF about … Continue reading

Pug Pup Reenacting Home Alone is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

Home Alone is one of the greatest Holiday Films of the 1990’s (The Muppet Christmas Carol is #1, just in case you were keeping score.) Chances are you’ve seen it, loved it, and re-watched it a gagillion times. There’s just something … Continue reading

Look What You Did You Little Jerks: Dictionary Makes Change Because of Idiots

Once upon a time, people looked crap up in dictionaries. Before the internet, a Dictionary was a kid’s best friend when it came to learning proper spelling and looking up dirty words. In 3rd grade, I was lauded as a hero for pointing out … Continue reading

SHARKNADO (Your New Favorite Movie) Premieres on SyFy Next Thursday

Might as well close down Hollywood forever and tell those sluts at the Academy Awards to kick rocks, because the greatest film in the history of movies is about to be here. The Science Fiction Channel, AKA SyFy, is a station … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Home Alone, A Running Diary

  Home Alone: A Running Diary   Home Alone is not only one of my favorite holiday movies, but it’s one of my favorite films in general. It grossed about a half billion dollars worldwide upon its release in 1990 … Continue reading

Tis the Season for Vanilla Ice

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, friends. Today is the day each week we celebrate living life in the extreme. It doesn’t matter what you do, be it hoarding or whoring, as long as you go all out. EXTREME! This fine day I … Continue reading

Home Alone.

Grouchy Granny (who’s not really a grouch,) is watching Angry Baby for the day. Why? Because I’ve got to get some stuff done. Angry Baby has been a real Queen-la-teef-a lately, and I have a deadline tomorrow. I’m running errands, … Continue reading