Programing Note: Happy Trails, You Jive Turkeys!

It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and we’re hitting the road to my favorite place in the world, The Liberty Longhorn Ranch AKA the family’s slice of heaven right outside of Stephenville, TX.Each year we gather at Thanksgiving and spend days … Continue reading

Tis the Season to Tell Your Neighbors to Fudge Off

Well, I’ve just about packed all of the Halloween decorations up and I’m now anxiously awaiting this late afternoon when Lover Fo’ Life and I decorate our house for the Holidays. My dreidel is ready for a spin, and the pre-lit garland is … Continue reading

The Perfect Song to Teach Your Nana This Thanksgiving

The Official Holiday season kicks off Thursday with Thanksgiving. Ah Thanksgiving! The time of the year you’re held captive by a bunch of weirdos who insist on cramming horribly crafted foodstuffs down your throat. Sure, they may be “family,” but … Continue reading

Tater Peelin’ Tuesdays: Tater’s Chicken Tits and Dumplins

COMFORT FOOD SEASON IS IN FULL SWANG YA’LL! The weather is turning to a cold spell if you haven’t noticed.  I remember as a child growing up in East Texas, choosing Halloween costumes that weren’t too hot, or fuzzy lest we … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie, I Need: Pickle Flavored Candy Canes!

Halloween is in less than 48 hours. While children are strategically planning how to get the MOST and BEST candy, tricks are finishing the details on their slutty costumes and boozehounds are getting ready to be blackout drunk. Me? I’m … Continue reading

GET IN MAH MAWF: The Holiday Pringles Edition

Hi, my name is The Crib Keeper, and in addition to using cliché joke introductions, I’m also a real “Holiday Slut.” No, the term “Holiday Slut,” doesn’t refer to what you did on spring break all those semesters ago…I mean it … Continue reading

Caption This: Easter Edition! THE WINNERS!

Nom nom nom nom… “sweetie, we didn’t get any chocolate this year for Easter.” Blearchh…bleghh…ralph…ughh… – Mansfield Counseling Runners Up: “Why do you think Richard Gere sold us these rabbits so cheap?” – Mad Dad “He loves her with all his … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: The Honeycrisp

  The Honeycrisp If I told you this was the greatest apple in the world, would you believe me? That’s lofty talk from ol’ Mad Dad. I’m certainly one for hyperbole, but I will guarantee you this: If the honeycrisp … Continue reading