I’m Not Yanking Your Ding Dongs, Twinkies Return to the Shelves July 15th!!!!

November 16. 2012 the Hostess snack company went officially belly up and a delicious, cream-filled, spongy piece of America died. Twinkie the Kid and his tramp friends, Ho-Hos and Ding Dongs packed up their hobo sticks and hit the rails. Luckily, back in March … Continue reading

Here Comes Our Caption This Winners!

“Who does that Ho Ho think she is wearing white?!?”- A-Ball   Runner Up: “Six months later, Twinkie the Kid was born.” – Mad Dad Congrats to our winners, A-Ball: YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! Send me your topic and … Continue reading

Here Comes The Caption This!

  Happy First day of June! For some unknown reason everyone in the dang universe gets married in June (knowitalls- don’t tell me…I have no desire to learn why.)   So in honor of the month where all of the weekends are ear-marked … Continue reading

EXTREME CRISIS! Alternate title: CONSUME TWINKIES, you Ding Dongs!

I wish I had a better note to start off your Tues-the-Extreme Day on, but there’s a business and financial crisis that we must devote our entire focus and energy on fixing. Hostess, the snack cake brand that houses hilariously … Continue reading