Neil Armstrong 1930-2012

Neil Armstrong, American Hero has died, he was 82 years old. Rather than wallow in the sadness of his passing, I want to instead focus on his bravery. In a letter released just last week, Richard Nixon’s speechwriter, William Safire wrote … Continue reading

After School Special: In the Knock of Time

99% of the time, this clap-trap chuckle hut is a real joke a thon. Every now and then, because this IS a personal blog and ol’ Cribsy DOES have actual issues, I write a serious post. One that is a … Continue reading

The World Has Lost a True Hero

Folks, get out your finest bag of Doritos, paw through the entire dang thing, procure the cheesiest (aka most orange) Dorito you can find and raise it high to the sky for Archer West, the genius inventor of AMERICA’S GREATEST GIFT, the Dorito. In … Continue reading

Ladies and Fancy Gentlemen, Feast your EYES!!!! (You’re welcome, yet again.)

This son-of-a-milkshake just made my day! Yesterday in my post: I wrote all about the king of Uncle Tupelo lyrics and hero to hipsters everywhere, Brian Wilson. The ball player, not the mastermind of Pet Sounds. Last night, he … Continue reading