Post By Mad Dad: Meat is Murder: A Guide to Desire

Meat is murder: A guide to desire Nearly two years ago I made a relatively significant decision in my life: I’d no longer be partaking in any red meat or pork. It was a continuation of these random “New Year’s … Continue reading


“Hookers and cocaine and booze, oh my!” -ABall Runners Up: “The DEA is still investigating just what those bricks are made of.”- ABAuntie “Do not take the Brown Acid. Repeat. Do not take the Brown Acid.” – Uncle Fester … Continue reading

Go To Health, Chocolate!

You know how for years your health-nut Aunt has been insisting that dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation? You just thought she was trying to snooker you into going on a fitness jag. Turns out, the skinny old hag was right … Continue reading

Coo Coo For Coconut Oil

I have thick, naturally curly hair that for a large portion of my life has been both a blessing, and a tangled, frizzy, curse. You can be sure of one thing, if a product has the words “for curly hair,” I’ve … Continue reading

Post On Request: I Got Worms

Reader Misty is enjoying a birthday today and almost two weeks ago sent me the following POST ON REQUEST: “What do you think about the tapeworm diet and those who think it is a good idea?” Let me just start … Continue reading

Suck It, Fruits and Vegetables!

Hear that? It’s the sound of every junk food junky guffawing at nutritionists, Doctors and health nuts. Yes the crap scarfers of the world are truly relishing this fine day (in between fistfuls of Funyuns.) Why? Researchers now have proof that Popcorn is healthier for … Continue reading