Tales From the Unnecessary Reboot

You know, I had this whole uplifting post all about how we all survived the worst week of the year, complete with some surprising shark news that further leads to my beloved Megalodon still being un-extinct. Sadly, I awoke from a … Continue reading

Brought To You By The Letter $$$$$$$

Happy Monday, Y’ALL!!! If you’re in Texas, today is the FIRST day of school! Yes, our long and torturous summer dealing with entitled teens and surly short-stacks has come to a merciful end, those brats are the teacher’s bother now! Speaking … Continue reading

Rich Gaudy Tricks Rejoice: Liberace’s Former Las Vegas Mansion is Up For Sale

A month ago today HBO’s Liberace bio flick, Behind the Candelabra, premiered. I had been excitedly waiting to see the Michael Douglas and Matt Damon vehicle, ever since the teasers and trailers for it first popped up on the internet.   Of … Continue reading

New Series: Things that make my morning.

Go ahead, make my day! This morning, I have a surprise for you kiddies, your old pal the Crib Keeper is Introducing a new post series: THINGS THAT MAKE MY MORNING! You see, every morning all of us have a … Continue reading