Adorable Kid Costumes That Prove Their Parents Are Winning at Life

Howdy strangers! Why, it’s been a dog’s age since your ol’ pal Cowboy Cribsy decided to get off her duff and write some crap for y’all to read. Things are moving along in these parts, we’re currently knee-deep in Halloween prep, … Continue reading

These Geeky Easter Eggs Are EGGCELLENT (Sorry, Couldn’t Resist!)

Easter Weekend is upon us y’all! No matter if you’re a believer or an eye-roller, we all can agree that millions of marshmallow Peeps will be massacred and next week the office fridge will stink of egg salad. Me? I’m … Continue reading

JK Rowling’s Plastic Ono Band

JK Rowling, the former street urchin turned successful Author is hitting the ho stroll once again returning to the world of writing. She’s just signed to publish her first adult novel through publisher, Little Brown. The ginger Goddess of spinning … Continue reading

Slytherin Pride Forever.

I’m a well-documented Harry Potter nerd. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows dropped, L4L took me on a cruise because it was my dream to “read the final book on the deck of a cruise ship.” Go ahead, hate on … Continue reading

Stuck in a hot room with you…

Listen folks, I’m bored….REALLY BORED. So I’ve decided to whip out ye olde smart phone and bang out a post while Angry Baby plays and I wait for Dr. Clarke. Hey, anything worth having is worth waiting for. EVEN if … Continue reading