Tricks or Tramps

It’s no secret that this ol’ culture vulture lurves Halloween. Creepy creeps, spooky ghouls, and candy, what’s not to love!? In the past couple of decades, however, Halloween has added another element that I love, sluts slutting it up! Each year, costumes get … Continue reading

The Evolution of Skanky Halloween Costumes

Ah October! This is the time of year that I just love, as a creepy creeping creep, I can’t get enough of the HALLOWEEN SPIRIT! My house is chock full o’ horrifying decor and we’ve had a constant loop of … Continue reading

Quadcopter Ghost is Just What You Need Today

 Ughhhhhhh, Tuesday. Chances are you’re like me and still hung-over from too much grog at this past weekend’s Boo Bash, and your eyes are sore from perpetually rolling them at terrible costumes you had to pretend were clever. The truth is, we’re staring … Continue reading

Halloween Pinterest Horrors

Halloween is but a shake of the kitten’s whisker away, and while I live for this dead time of year, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that I’d like to address, Pinterest is f*cking it all up. It started a few … Continue reading

Trick Gets Treated (To Rage)

Even though Halloween 2012 is officially over, I still have some horrific delights to share with you. See, I’m fully aware that most of you are ghouls who love to watch Angry Baby’s brutal shenanigans from a comfortable distance. I … Continue reading

Candy Corn Oreos: GET IN MAH MAWF!

Well, well, well, here’s something to make your Monday! Today is September 10th. Why is this of any significance to you? Because starting today through Halloween, Oreo is selling a limited edition cookie ONLY available at Target stores. Say hello … Continue reading

Tricks gotta get their treats!

Last night was a big night here at Angry Baby Manor, we took our little tyrant trick or treating! As a creepo who loves creepy things, I adore Halloween and all the ghoulish delights it holds for children of all ages, but … Continue reading

Check out these PUMPKINS (not what it sounds like!)

Happy Halloween my beautiful babies! It’s like Christmas for creepos and skanks alike! Since I’m proudly BOTH of those things, TODAY RULES FOR MY KIND!!!! So Crib Keeper, how are you celebrating the BIG DAY? So glad you asked. I’m spending the … Continue reading

Halloween is but ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greetings fellow fall revelers. We are exactly one week from one of the BEST nights of the year, Halloween! I’m celebrating the impending holiday with television-specials, vintage horror movies and PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING! Today I began hitting the bricks for Angry Baby’s … Continue reading

Once Again, Presented Without Comment*

BEHOLD! Jesus Ween!!!!!! (not what it sounds like!) *Ok, maybe just a few comments… 1. Can we please leave Jesus and his WEEN out of this? 2. Jesus Ween? They really couldn’t come up with something better? It’s official, the … Continue reading