16 Smart Alec Vandals Who Improved Signs

Greetings my time-wasting, responsibilty-shirking, darlings! When we last met, I began to regale my tales of being a stone-cold toy-flipping jaugernaut. I am the Shopkins Barroness, my kingdom stretches all over the globe. While I’ve been too busy on my “shop … Continue reading

London Bawling

Lover Fo’ Life is currently away on business in Jolly ol’ London Town. He won’t be back until next month.   I’ll spare you the details of my state. It’s best we not discuss the underwater swim cries, binge re-watching … Continue reading

For a Good Time, Read the Bathroom Wall

When I was a kid, a favorite school activity of mine was reading and interpreting graffiti in the girl’s restroom. Usually, it involved one of two things: 1. Calling out a specific individual for past indiscretions: “Renee is a skank who doesn’t … Continue reading