Post By Mad Dad: The Post Where I Come Off as a Calloused Jerk

Mad Dad … losing … emotion … quickly!!!! Amid the terrible destruction and death of the past week in Boston and, now, in West, Texas, I had a really hard time feeling sorry for people. I’ve been this way for … Continue reading

The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: Fallon Love With JT & Jimmy

Hear that? It’s the sound of Texan students collectively groaning that SPRING BREAK 2013 is officially OVAH. For the record, everyone’s miserable SB’13 is done… commuters are bummed that traffic is back to being a massive clusterf*ck, and School professionals are searching for that … Continue reading

I Can Tell You’re Tense, So Can Chris

Say there baby, you look stressed. Looks like you’ve had a real turd sandwich of a Monday, even though it is a special Moustache Monday. Let me fix that. Say hello to Chris, he would like to rub your entire body … Continue reading