Ecto Cooler is Back From The Dead!

RED ALERT! WE HAVE IMPORTANT BREAKING AND REFRESHING NEWS! WOOP WOOP WOOP! RED ALERT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Last night while I was shame-eating a Double Dave’s pizza roll from my purse (that I had previously wrapped in a napkin … Continue reading

Ghostbusters Donuts (Alternate Title: Crap, Now I Have To Find A Krispy Kreme)

Happy friday kids! Well, we’ve made it through another week, seems like each one is getting a little easier here. Tomorrow marks 7 days since Mom’s funeral, and today my Dad is coming up to spend the day with Angry Baby while … Continue reading

Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters Doing Everyday Stuff

Celebrities, both real and fictitious, are JUST LIKE US! Austin-based artist, Mike Mitchell decided to answer the question, “what do beloved pop cultural characters look like doing normal life things?” Theses precious masterpieces are from Mitchell’s on-going series titled, “Just … Continue reading