Vacation Dad Rides Again

Exactly 3 Days from today, Lover Fo’ Life, our nutty 5.5 year old, and my Dad, the ultimate Disney Planning Admiral, are leaving on a jet plane for Walt Disney World. WDW is an entire “world” built on a Florida swamp … Continue reading

Too Old To Feel This Young

Howdy Partner! It’s your old pal, Cowboy Cribsy, world champion smartalec and purveyor of nonsense. Why, I’m betting you little fillies thought I was a goner, seeing as I’ve been a real slowpokin’ cowpoke when it comes to my blog … Continue reading

Post By Lover Fo’ Life: Make Your Own Spa Bathmat

I’ve never really considered myself to be artistic but I do enjoy being crafty at times.  “Crafty” has basically two meanings: Clever at achieving one’s aims by indirect or deceitful methods. of, involving, or relating to the making of decorative … Continue reading

Playtime Is Over

Tomorrow Lover fo’ Life leaves for an almost 3 week-long business trip to Brazil. Unfortunately, instead of poppin’ bottles with a bunch of Brazilian babes, he’ll be cooped up in an office doing computery things. Friday, I close on the NEW … Continue reading

Eggs Too Awesome To Hide

Chances are a crap load of you are dyeing easter eggs today. Why? Because the Easter bunny is a cheap a-hole. What kind of childhood magical figure shows up at your house and requires you provide your own hardboiled eggs? This bush-league … Continue reading

Parents Ruin Everything!

Folks in a Colorado neighborhood have cancelled their yearly Easter Egg hunt for kiddies. Seems the running, yelling, pushing and greedy grabbing, was just too much. No, kids weren’t responsible for the aggressive behavior, it was the parents who were to blame. … Continue reading

A Very Angry Thanksgiving (Part One)

Last Tuesday Afternoon, I left you for the Liberty Longhorn Ranch. The Plan was to enjoy nearly a full week among family and friends in the midst of my absolute favorite place on the planet. Angry shenanigans, hissy fits and temper … Continue reading

MisSarcasm, if you’re sassy!

Happy almost weekend! My weekend’s shot because Lover fo’ Life has some business to conduct  and I will be filling my days up with a whole bunch of missin’ him. Thanks Debbie Downer, we didn’t want to tune in to hear … Continue reading