Harriet Houdini

Angry Baby is 21 months, but as far as she’s concerned, girlfriend is two years old. Since moving earlier this Summer, Lover Fo’ Life and I have made a point to give Angry Baby her own space to play, run … Continue reading

The Following Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Believe it or not, even budding super villains tear up sometimes. This morning, I was reduced to a lip-quivering, snot bustin,’ blubbering, gold-heart after watching the following video. YouTube User MidwestCurrans explains it all in the video’s description: “Matt has Spastic CP, … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, My Dearest Readers!!

A year ago, Osama Bin Laden died and a website was born. As of today, May 2nd, 2012 grouchymuffin is one year old. What started as a simple way to work out Postpartum depression and vent about life with an Angry … Continue reading

All That, And A Pony Ride!

This past Saturday Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby and I put on our finest western wear and went to THE birthday party of the year for Angry Baby’s social circle. One of my dearest friends and sometime grouchymuffin contributor, Jojo’s son turned two … Continue reading

Everything is coming up Cee Lo.

NBC grew a clue and signed Cee Lo up for season two of The Voice, as quickly as they could, and rightly so. Cee Lo is magic. It’s already been explained on this website of truth and class, that Cee Lo owns it all . … Continue reading

Jem is her name, no one else is the same.

It’s Tip o’ The Stetson Time Again! Yesterday at lunch with Rooster and Jem, Angry Baby did some new tricks…some were treats, other’s were big ol’ turds. Trick #1 Screaming.  She started a new form of screaming beyond her usual gruff growl, … Continue reading

Breakin’ it down: “Ladies Nite In”

Well, I’ve finally put that little cutie down long enough to fill-in the none of you that were waiting to hear all about my exploits with Mojo and FabBabs Friday night. I learned some very important lessons that, of course, being … Continue reading