Adorable Versions of Your Favorite Characters Doing Everyday Stuff

Celebrities, both real and fictitious, are JUST LIKE US! Austin-based artist, Mike Mitchell decided to answer the question, “what do beloved pop cultural characters look like doing normal life things?” Theses precious masterpieces are from Mitchell’s on-going series titled, “Just … Continue reading

The Things I Endure For You: Adam Lambert Edition

Reader Eric requested a review of the newly released video for Adam Lambert’s single, “Never Close Our Eyes,” and seeing as I’ll do just about anything you needy hookers want, I decided to oblige. In order to understand the rest … Continue reading

Sayonara Summer. Hello Freddie Mercury…er, Fall.

Ahhh, feel that my babies? That is the chill of cool air soon on its way to a doorstep near you. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF FALL Y’ALL, sweet destiny! This summer has been the longest and hottest for Texas … Continue reading

Tues-the-Extreme Day, Comin’ Attcha!

Tuesday means one thing: TUES-the-EXTREME day! Today is the day we take it to the EXTREME!!!!!  I’ve got some goodies for you, EXTREME goodies. To kick things off, here’s a mash-up of Queen’s Under Pressure  and Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice … Continue reading

Moustache Monday 2: This one’s for the Dudes!

Happy Monday dudes and chicks! Today is AN AWESOME DAY!!!!!! Why????? Two Words: MOUSTACHE MONDAY!!! You see kiddies, this weekend the Crib Keeper, more specifically her writing, was mistaken for that of a SINGLE DUDE! I was so honored by my supposed … Continue reading