Worldwide Bacon Shortage Predicted

Bacon lovers of the world, you’re gonna need to sit down for this post. I have some terribly hilarious heartbreaking news.  A UK Group, The National Pig Association is predicting Europe’s bacon supply will continue to quickly deteriorate and the world will … Continue reading

Say HOWDY to Our NEWEST Writer: Tater Peelin’ Mama!

It’s a new season, y’all! Saturday, marked the return of Autumn, and what better way to celebrate than with the DEBUT article from our NEWEST guest-poster. Meet Tater Peelin’ Mama! Tater is one smart Mammy. In addition to being supremely … Continue reading

Signs Of The Endtimes: Guy Fieri and Smashmouth Collaborate

Do you remember that band from the late 90’s/ Early 00’s, who had the fat “party dude” lead singer? I’m sorry, I’ll be more specific… ‘Memba, Smashmouth? Liars. Of course you do. I mean who here will ever be able to scour … Continue reading

Candy Corn Oreos: GET IN MAH MAWF!

Well, well, well, here’s something to make your Monday! Today is September 10th. Why is this of any significance to you? Because starting today through Halloween, Oreo is selling a limited edition cookie ONLY available at Target stores. Say hello … Continue reading

My Biscuits are Burning Just Looking at This

Vodka. Is there any more glorious nectar from your father’s liquor cabinet? (The correct answer is no.) In the past few years Vodka tramps like yours truly have enjoyed a delightful trend in the booze industry, the flavored Vodka boom! You … Continue reading

The Post This Site Was Born To Write

Fondue. When I hear that word my mind usually conjures images of cheesy monstrosities from the 1970’s. But today, I come to you a changed person. Forget the bulky pots with weird pokey-stick skewers. French Design House, Miit has revolutionized the … Continue reading

Go To Health, Chocolate!

You know how for years your health-nut Aunt has been insisting that dark chocolate is actually good for you in moderation? You just thought she was trying to snooker you into going on a fitness jag. Turns out, the skinny old hag was right … Continue reading

Deep-Fried Samoa Girl Scout Cookies = Greatest Post Title Ever

The Texas State fair is world-known for debuting fried delicacies, matter of fact, it gave birth to the Corndog in 1938. (You’re welcome, Cardiologists.) This year, the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas teamed up with Veteran Texas State Fair Fryer Christi Erpillo, to … Continue reading

Happy Independence Day, America!

What better way to celebrate than with a super-simple, yet fabulous recipe DIRECTLY FROM MY KITCHEN! This 4th of July, why don’t you be a hero AND celebrate the crippling obesity epidemic with my BANANA PUDDING CASSEROLE! Yes, I call … Continue reading