Tater-Peelin’ Tuesday’s: Tried and True Turkey Day Recipes

3 GENERATIONS OF CANTANKEROUS SOUTHERN WOMEN AND THEIR THANKSGIVING DAY ARCHIVES I don’t know about ya’ll, but I just finished up my Thanksgiving dinner shopping this afternoon and all I have to say is GAWSH ALL MIGHTY! We went to a … Continue reading

That Slut Little Debbie is Licking Her Greedy Chops

Once upon a time, January of this year to be exact, a devastatingly beautiful and hilarious writer wrote a frantic plea for an American Icon, Hostess Brand Snack cakes . In her genius piece, the writer begged readers to buy every … Continue reading

Tater-Peelin’ Tuesday: A Guide To Poultry

Keep looking, those Giblets are in there. TATER PEELIN’ MAMA’S GUIDE TO POULTRY Holy roarin’ tea kettles! Turkey day is right around the corner! It seems like just yesterday we were shish-kebobbin’ it for Memorial Day and enjoying spritely little cocktails … Continue reading

Gingerbread Oreos: Because This is America

I’m about to write something I never in a million years dreamt I would ever type: “You need to go to Wal-Mart.” Look, I know…Wal-Mart is where dreams go to die. The company is solely responsible for murdering small town … Continue reading

Tater Peelin’ Tuesdays: Tater’s Chicken Tits and Dumplins

COMFORT FOOD SEASON IS IN FULL SWANG YA’LL! The weather is turning to a cold spell if you haven’t noticed.  I remember as a child growing up in East Texas, choosing Halloween costumes that weren’t too hot, or fuzzy lest we … Continue reading

Gimmie Gimmie, I Need: Pickle Flavored Candy Canes!

Halloween is in less than 48 hours. While children are strategically planning how to get the MOST and BEST candy, tricks are finishing the details on their slutty costumes and boozehounds are getting ready to be blackout drunk. Me? I’m … Continue reading

Tater-Peelin’ Tuesdays: How To Fight Off Vampires and Zombies with….Pork?

How To Fight of Vampires and Zombies with….Pork? Come in close for this one tater friends. It is time we had ‘the talk’. Easy now, it ain’t that kind of show! I don’t mean “THEEEEEEEEEEE TALK”. I mean to say … Continue reading

Tater Peelin’ Tuesday: Breakfast For Supper, Because I’m just. That. Far. Behind.

Breakfast for Supper, because I’m  just.  That.  Far. Behind. Well little spuds, it seems as if we’ve survived another week!  The highlights of last week include but are not limited to :   1)  Diary of a Gimpy Kid – see … Continue reading

New Weekly Column Alert! Welcome to Tater Peelin’ Tuesdays!

Last week I introduced you to one of the best and brightest in the realm of cookin’ good vittles, our newest writer, Tater Peelin’ Mama. When I first met with TPM, I expressed grouchymuffin’s need for a resident-lifestyle guru. As … Continue reading

Give Me A Break, Pizza Hut

Anyway you slice it, Pizza Hut is an American company. Founded in the states, the chain of questionable quality pizza pies is a brand synonymous with the good ol’ US of A. You’d think a business that was made with … Continue reading