Flocking Hilarious: Disneyland Attacked By a Squad of Pooping Geese

Disneyland, icon of wholesome family fun, is watching its reputation go from happiest to crappiest. Between price-hikes, lame refurbishments, and crummy cash-grabs,  Disneyland today would make Walt go full Mr. Spacely. Last week, In perhaps the greatest metaphor for Disney’s … Continue reading

Crappy Love Stories

Florida, America’s Drunk and Fun Uncle, spent the majority of 2012 gifting the world with various Odd News items. From face-eating bathsalt zombies to sex fights over Pam as a personal lubricant, Florida brought it. Luckily for us, it appears … Continue reading

Our Very Last Caption This Contest Winner (before Christmas!)

“Wait, aren’t we Jewish?” A-Ball Runners up: “You are supposed to match your eyeshadow to the ornaments, not your lipstick. Don’t you know anything about fashion?” – Kid C-Ster “Wow, check out her balls!”- Megan Congrats to all the winners! … Continue reading