Man Faces His Fear By Tattooing Fear on Face

A man from (you guessed it) Florida, decided to conquer his fear of spiders by getting a massive arachnid tattooed on the cheek of HIS FACE. Get a load of 24-year old Eric Ortiz’s new ink…   Here’s Eric’s explanation for … Continue reading

I’m Lovin’ It: Florida Man Arrested for being a McPervert

69-year-old Steve Orville Clemons is a lot like you and I. He enjoys the convenient access that a drive-thru establishment allows, is a fan of multi-tasking, and he likes to save a buck by purchasing cheap vittles. For all of these reasons, he … Continue reading

Massive ‘Jurassic’ Yellow Jacket Nest Found in Florida (Of Course it Was)

Welp, another GOLD STAR goes to Florida, once again they’ve managed to terrify and entertain the world just by being themselves. Anyone who’s ever spent more than 5 minutes in America’s swamp knows that Florida is essentially a humid Hell straight from … Continue reading

Spring Breakers is The Greatest Film Ever Made (SPOILERS)

Yesterday L4L and I caught a screening of Spring Breakers. I’ve been meaning to see it since stills of all those hotties in bikinis made their way to the internet late last year. However, it was a friend’s plea that made me … Continue reading

Grandma Gets Drunk on a School Field Trip in Florida, World Not Surprised

When one hears the word grandparent, images of ol’ saints in fluffy sweaters, popping Werther’s and doting on grandchildren, often comes to mind. But you know what doesn’t? A busted and wasted old crone with a mouth like a sailor, terrifying … Continue reading

Nobody is Lucky in Kentucky

Austin Whaley is an 18-year-old prankster from Covington, Kentucky with his entire adult life ahead of him. He and some of his pals decided to engage in a little fun and old-fashioned foolery at a local Bingo Hall. “Bart Simpson 2” decided to … Continue reading

The Most Delicious Domestic Dispute, Ever

The Great White North, Canada is starting to emerge as the hilarious drunk cousin to our Florida. Last month I wrote about a group of Canadian Teachers who duped a bunch of 8th graders into thinking they were getting to … Continue reading

Light a Candle For Brother Burt

Burt Reynolds, entertainment Icon and living national treasure is in ICU at a Florida Hospital, fighting the flu. He was admitted Friday and while the 76 year old’s condition has improved, the Bandit is still in the Intensive Care Unit. I’d like to … Continue reading

Crappy Love Stories

Florida, America’s Drunk and Fun Uncle, spent the majority of 2012 gifting the world with various Odd News items. From face-eating bathsalt zombies to sex fights over Pam as a personal lubricant, Florida brought it. Luckily for us, it appears … Continue reading

Grave Robber Will Steal Your Heart

Are you looking for a fiscally responsible lover who will shower you with flowers and affection all while keeping a committment to recycling? Well, I’ve found him for you… Meet David James Lee In addition to looking like a used … Continue reading