Kenya Believe It’s Already Time Again!?

Well America, it’s been real. While I love my homeland and particularly, the family and friends that reside within her, I’m kicking rocks and peacing out tomorrow. Where am I going? To my heart’s home in the Kenyan mountains, of … Continue reading

Ken Burns Documents Ha-Has

Alright you unwashed hookers and fart-joke enthusiasts: it’s time to bust out the Earl Grey tea, play a little light Jazz, and slap on some glasses, because I’m slipping you the intellectual tip.   Ken Burns AKA king of the … Continue reading

Grab a Hanky: Tokyo Commuters Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Commuting is the worst. Next to time┬áspent in┬áthe actual office, it’s hands-down the most miserable part of the day. Be it by train, subway, bus, or your own earth-murdering vehicle, any way you slice it, COMMUTING SUCKS THE BIG ONE. … Continue reading