Droppin’ Bombs on Relaxation

This past week I’ve been enjoying time on the family ranch, and while the Liberty Longhorn Ranch is still my favorite place on planet Earth, I have to say: I’m thrilled to be home. Scorpions, hormonal women, MORE SCORPIONS, unsuccessful hunting, and a clumsy … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: Holiday Road

Holiday Road Summertime is when families cram into the minivan, SUV, midsize or – clutch the pearls – station wagon for the ultimate survival of will, the road trip vacation. I’m an expert. My childhood was littered with driving trips … Continue reading

“BULLET TRAIN TO HECK” Fall 2011 Edition: Who Farted?

At approximately 4:30am Saturday morning, Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby, yours truly, my sister and her fiancée(!) pulled out of our driveway, the SUV filled to the gills with baby gear, weddin’ outfits, road snax and 4 grown adults. As the truck … Continue reading