Sassy Greeting Cards Just In Time For Father’s Day!

June is just around the corner. Half of the year has gone, and what have you accomplished? My guess is diddly squat. Admit it, you’ve been farting around daydreaming about rock n roll jumpsuits and eating inordinate amounts of cheese. … Continue reading

Let’s Remember Father’s Day By Laughing At Dads

Father’s day is right around the corner. Unlike Mother’s day, the expectations are much lower and there are no guilt trips if you screw it up. But just because Dads are often treated with general disinterest and portrayed as dumb … Continue reading

Happy father’s day: TEXAS STYLE! aka GOD, BEEF, and GUNS

Crib Keeper and family actually pictured.┬áSide note about the outfit I was wearing: it was purple and had glitter hearts (hard to see in pic) on the shirt. This outfit was MY JAM! I wore the hail outta this the … Continue reading