Give Your Inner Child A Laugh With These TERRIBLE SCHOOL NAMES!

Even though I’m a crusty old tramp who drinks her lunch every day and enjoys the DGAF mentality that being in my 30’s affords…maturity wise, I’m essentially a 12-year old boy. That’s why this morning, when I came across a … Continue reading

Husband Fills Estranged Wife’s Hot Tub With Poop, Winds up in Deep Crap

Rene Daniel, from Quebec, was served with divorce papers last week. And while a sh*t-ton of marriages end in divorce, not many of them end up involving tons of actual sh*t. That’s where Mr. Daniel, a 64-year old jilted husband, comes … Continue reading

12 WTF Signs That Actually Exist (And Bring the LOLZ)

Signs. Where would we be today without them? Less bossed around, that’s for sure. Let’s take a look at twelve examples of modern signery that prove we’re all pretty much doomed.   First up, it’s the sign you were begging to read outside … Continue reading

For Instant Laughs, Stick to Your Pricetag

I had a birthday at the beginning of the month, and while I’m another year closer to popping Werther’s and wearing fanny packs in a non-ironic way, my sense of humor is wildly immature. I’m essentially a 14-year old boy on … Continue reading