Come On Down! (To My Lap!)

The Price is Right is a daytime television cultural staple for anyone who has ever: retired, stayed home sick, been on Summer break, or played hooky from work. Show me an unwashed slugabed, and I’ll show you a Price as Right superfan. Unfortunately, a few … Continue reading

Finally! A Coloring Book You Can Relate To!

Kids. Anyway you slice it, they get to have all the fun in life. Lucky little jerks. Thankfully, the side-splitting and slightly depressing product of Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen’s biting wit and kickbutt illustrations, launched a little over 2 … Continue reading

Workin’ It.

One week from today Lover fo’ Life leaves for a 2, possibly 3 week business trip to Brazil. Exactly 10 days from now, I’ll be sitting in a Title Company conference room signing away our lives as I close on our house. … Continue reading

Triumph + Louis CK + A REAL WEDDING = Greatest episode of Conan, ever.

Last night you missed a heckuva episode of Conan, good thing I’m here to break down the gems for you… For those of you not hip to the red-haired maven that is Conan O’Brien and his television show on TBS, I say: … Continue reading