Thanksgiving 2013: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Greetings, my dear friends. Today is perhaps one of the biggest nutkicks in the calendar year. See, it’s the Monday after the long Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, and with the start of the Christmas Season, it seems everyone is dreaming of … Continue reading

The Gauntlet

Well hello there my dearest readers! I see you there, toiling away the day after Christmas. While a bunch of lucky jerks get to laze about in fresh fuzzy bathrobes playing with their new gizmos and stuffing their faces with sugary … Continue reading

How To Ruin Christmas With One Music Video

I’m going to start this post by clearly stating the following: never in a million years did I ever think I would be defending the legacy of the 1979 Movie adaptation of the Musical, Grease. Personally, I am NOT a … Continue reading

Post On Request: Vacation Dad

I love Walt Disney World. I’ve visited the Resort (because diehards like me refuse to call it a THEME PARK) numerous times. Many would call it an obsessive amount, but not me…I can’t wait to rack up more trips.  Maybe … Continue reading

A Very Angry Thanksgiving (Part One)

Last Tuesday Afternoon, I left you for the Liberty Longhorn Ranch. The Plan was to enjoy nearly a full week among family and friends in the midst of my absolute favorite place on the planet. Angry shenanigans, hissy fits and temper … Continue reading