Well kiddies, we’re halfway through my series on Africa, and while I know 99.99% of y’all are enjoying it thoroughly, there’s that .001 of you who are probably bored with my navel-gazing gush-a-thon. Where’s the heartless (yet devastatingly gorgeous) Villainess … Continue reading

Post By Mad Dad: The Honeycrisp

  The Honeycrisp If I told you this was the greatest apple in the world, would you believe me? That’s lofty talk from ol’ Mad Dad. I’m certainly one for hyperbole, but I will guarantee you this: If the honeycrisp … Continue reading

Fall into my life.

As I and every other human in the entire state of Texas can vouch, it has been a scorching hot Summer. Our first 100+ day  of the year was in mid MAY. Yeah, Texas skipped spring and went straight to … Continue reading