We Tried It: Rebooted SURGE Soda

Last week, I wrote all about Coca-Cola finally caving to nostalgic internet demand and reviving the product SURGE soda. If you haven’t done the required reading, I’ll wait: do so now.  I promised you, fateful readers, that the moment my precious … Continue reading

From Toy to Reality: Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare

Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy made history June 30th. Matter of fact, they set a world record. I encourage every child who ever played with Hot Wheels track sets to watch this jaw-dropping wonder of science, skill, and insanity. Kudos to … Continue reading

I’m In Love (Alternate Title: Extreme Singing!)

I awoke this morning with a ray of sunshine beaming on me. The source of the bright and miraculous light came from my inbox, with a note from reader Rick that said: “This guy was born to be on grouchymuffin.” I … Continue reading

Slooooowing Down? TUES THE EXTREME isn’t over!!!!!!!!!!

Tsk Tsk Tsk…I see you nodding off from boredom! Look, refreshing grouchymuffin.com a million times, isn’t going to make the minutes pass any faster!!! So rev it up! First, here’s a neat SLOW-MO Vid… C’mon guys we’re almost there! YOU CAN … Continue reading