Post By Mad Dad: The Legend of the Janky Tooth

The Legend of the Janky Tooth The Kid’s losing all her teeth, and the Maligned Janky Tooth found its freedom last night. It now cascades in the Dental Elysian Fields, sold out for a measly two bucks. Janky Tooth has … Continue reading

Mr. Wizard is Finally Getting His Due

Don Herbert AKA Mr. Wizard, is an icon to many. He created the “Science Show” for children way back in 1951 with “Watch Mr. Wizard.” Eventually, his 1983 Partnership with Nickelodeon opened the door for me and so many others, to … Continue reading

Paula Deen is so skrewed (in Denmark.)

It’s official, I’m never going to Denmark. The country who has given us legendary hot chicks such as Brigitte Nielsen (the original Red Sonia,) and Helena Christensen, filmmaker Lars Von Trier and a 1/2 of Viggo Mortensen, and home to the … Continue reading