Sassy Greeting Cards Just In Time For Father’s Day!

June is just around the corner. Half of the year has gone, and what have you accomplished? My guess is diddly squat. Admit it, you’ve been farting around daydreaming about rock n roll jumpsuits and eating inordinate amounts of cheese. … Continue reading

Dad Illustrates Things He Yells At His Kids, The Result is Hilarious

Nathan Ripperger is an artist, graphic designer, video producer, and the father of FOUR BOYS. As one would imagine, his life is filled with chaos and hi-jinx. Rather than take the slow descent into insanity, Nathan transforms his sons’ shenanigans … Continue reading

Here are some AWESOME Shark Week 2011 bites!

Ah Shark Week 2011, what gems and pearls of chum have you lain upon our waters, so far? I’ve learned a few things this year Already, like: Did you know that Great White Sharks can get a tan? Actually, they … Continue reading