Happy Schoolin’ Texas!

Today is the day that MOST Texas schools are BACK IN SESSION. Parents are weeping, tears of joy and sobs of “Where did the time go!?” Me? I’m bummed the traffic will be kicking back up, but I’m also filled with glee. You see, … Continue reading

Post On Request: When Everyone Wins, Everyone Loses

Sammy won last week’s Caption This contest, and here is the prize topic he sent me to write about. “Why does every kid get a trophy. We need to stop promoting mediocrity. Kids need to learn to deal with, or … Continue reading

The Beyonce Horse Fly (The Jokes write themselves.)

  Entomologist. Is there any job more thankless? Brilliant scientists scour the globe studying that which many brush off as creepy and or insignificant. A scientific curiosity for insects drives these great minds to procure, study and acquaint themselves with as many specimen as … Continue reading