Where’s My “Charles in Charge” Movie!?

Which one of you did it? I’m not mad, I just need whoever it is to come clean. Somebody on this big blue marble secretly wished for a big screen adaptation of, “ALF.” Y’all remember ALF don’t you? What’s that? Your … Continue reading

Here’s Some FINE ART to Class Up This Dump!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme day, my beautiful and precious reader. Today is the weekly holiday at grouchymuffin where we devote time to LIVING IN THE EXTREME! And this fine day I have some EXTREME CULTURE AND CLASS lined up for y’all. Artist … Continue reading

Snoop Dogg is Now Reggae Artist, Snoop Lion

In a progression that should surprise no one, Snoop Dogg the doggfather, AKA king of smoking reefer is dropping a Regae album called “Reincarnated.” Oh yeah, and he’s going by “Snoop Lion” now. Here’s Snoop Lion’s debut track, “La La La.” Not … Continue reading

Fred Willard Arrested For “Pulling A Pee Wee”

As a massive Christopher Guest Fan, and a lover of fine character actors, Fred Willard is a household name to me. Though I imagine some of you reading this post have no clue who he is, I can assure you, you’ve … Continue reading

Mr. Wizard is Finally Getting His Due

Don Herbert AKA Mr. Wizard, is an icon to many. He created the “Science Show” for children way back in 1951 with “Watch Mr. Wizard.” Eventually, his 1983 Partnership with Nickelodeon opened the door for me and so many others, to … Continue reading

Thanks a Lot, Disney (Alternate Title: Extreme Evil)

I wish I had a more positive note to begin this Tues-the-Extreme Day on. Afterall, today is the day of the week we devote to doing things in the extreme! As our patron saint, Vanilla Ice would say, what I’ve … Continue reading

Los Angeles Art Gallery About to Kick the Louvre in its Grapes

June 29th an exhibit opens at Gallery 1988  that is so incredible, it makes a sunset look like dog turds. The title of the Art Exhibition is: “There’s Always Money In the Banana Stand,” Gallery 1988’s  Tribute to Arrested Development Today the gallery released … Continue reading

Bret’s Career Has Gone to the Dogs

Bret Michaels is many things in this world, songwriter, father, wearer of terrible wigs, brain-injury survivor, walking STD petri dish, and now you can add: Pet Clothing Entrepreneur to the list. Bret has started a line of pet wear called, “Pets … Continue reading

Wham! is Reuniting, Yes THAT Wham

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of nut-hugging short-shorts and “Choose Life” T-Shirts hi-fiving each other: THEY’VE GOT A JOB AGAIN, Y’ALL! The greatest jazz-handing pop duo, WHAM! is reuniting! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Star of my childhood dreams, George Michael, and living … Continue reading

The Following Was So Funny, I Cried

Conan did this past week of shows in Chicago, while there he had 30 Rock’s Jack McBrayer, a person he dubbed: “the nicest guy in the world,” visit Chicago’s legendary Weiner’s Circle. What happened Afterwards will have you seeing stars from oxygen depletion. … Continue reading