Harriet Houdini

Angry Baby is 21 months, but as far as she’s concerned, girlfriend is two years old. Since moving earlier this Summer, Lover Fo’ Life and I have made a point to give Angry Baby her own space to play, run … Continue reading

Thank You, Pixar.

Angry Baby is still too little to be into movies. Save her love of Elmo’s World (it’s a segment during Sesame Street, for all you non-parents) and Wheel of Fortune, she’d rather dance to the background music than watch television. I know … Continue reading

Presented without comment*

* Ok just a few comments. 1. It’s hardly a news panel when MISS AMERICA is making the most intelligent argument. 2. I really want to punch pumpkin pie-haircut nasally nitwit Ned in the face. He is sooo never getting a girlfriend talkin’ smack … Continue reading