Ecto Cooler is Back From The Dead!

RED ALERT! WE HAVE IMPORTANT BREAKING AND REFRESHING NEWS! WOOP WOOP WOOP! RED ALERT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Last night while I was shame-eating a Double Dave’s pizza roll from my purse (that I had previously wrapped in a napkin … Continue reading

Sparkling Nostalgia: Clearly Canadian is COMING BACK!

Gather ’round kiddies, get out your Bryan Adams CD’s and open up a bag of ketchup flavored chips, I’ve got some wonderful news about a Canadian import many of you out there might fondly remember, CLEARLY CANADIAN! In the early 1990’s, … Continue reading

Finally, Some Good News

Greetings, dearest readers. When we last met, I was on my way to my mother’s funeral, poised to deliver the Eulogy. Today, I come to you as a newly-minted, fully realized adult. My family and I survived the day, and while I’m … Continue reading

They’re Bringing Back CRYSTAL PEPSI (Children of the 90’s Rejoice!)

Crystal Pepsi, AKA clear liquid nectar of the GODS, was introduced to the American Marketplace in late 1992. The crisp beverage had a wealth of marketing and advertising bucks behind it. Unfortunately, the color-free drink was ahead of its time, … Continue reading

Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good (not what it sounds like.)

My brother is having a birthday tomorrow. He thinks since the big day falls on a Saturday this year, he’ll escape birthday embarrassment on this glorious little website. He’s sorely mistaken. But that’s tomorrow, not this morning. This morning’s post goes out … Continue reading