Shopkins Barroness Speaks: Dispatches From The Throne

When we last met, I was explaining the origin story for my current alter ego, The Shopkins Baroness. For those of you too lazy to leave this post and read my last, I’ll sum it up for you. Late July: … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage + Crystal Pepsi =The Most Glamorous Jacket in the World

Last night while you slept the sleep of the righteous, you were being righteously screwed over.¬†The¬†world’s most exquisite, beautiful and PERFECT Jacket was sold for $199.99 on eBay. For its description the seller, jacobwrf (more like, jacobWTF) wrote: “This is … Continue reading

Post On Request: Ebay, Where the Freaks Play

I’ve been a proud ebayer since 2001. In my eleven years trolling the site for stuff I don’t need, I’ve been witness to every nook and eBay cranny. For example, my favorite category is called, “Weird Stuff.” In this subset … Continue reading

Ok, Maybe The World IS Ending

Kanye West, famed self-promoter and ego role model to yours truly, made news awhile back when it was announced he would be designing shoes for Nike. Yesterday, an auction for a pre-order set of his “Air Yeezy,” shoes sold on … Continue reading